Monday, 25 April 2011

Grave Accident

A biker lost control of his R1 and its very bad.
More info : Here

Sad to see.

Monday, 4 April 2011

Faces of Malaysia Airlines

It was tense atmosphere at the corporate challenge on 2nd April 2011, starting with Managing Director speech and the rest is pure chaotic fun.
A simple speech by the top man.
Lets start ... pheettttttt
Aboriginal power
Those must be the guns on the nose gear.
These are the guys that do your cargo.
These guys do the planes, but today they do the RCs
Jefri and the The MD's strong mens.
The aborigines from Sabah - Why can't they have more ladies dancing.
This kitty look scared.. :(
This kitty looks good.. :)
These guys do the flying too
Powerful voice
Scouting for talent, only singers - They don't let me do the Uke... :(
This Departmental booth encourage greening of the earth... 
Nice to see faces with smile and with sense of humour, it make the world a much better place to live.

Modenas CTric - Is it any good ?

Going Green is not easy, Modenas the local motorcycle manufacture assembler is introducing their electric bike.
The bike look like any bike of its class. However its extremely silent, sound great for night patrol within the housing community. But it could be bad for rider since people won't hear you are coming.
There is a battery just behind the front wheel its a gel battery and suppose to last for 3 hours riding. Charging takes about 3 ~ 4 hours. Three hours riding will translate into short commuting, 2 hours commuting time is a safe figure, to start with.
CTric this could be the name for this model, wait until they officially launch it.
The font is disc and use a normal brake lever while the rear is drum with foot pedal. There is no starter button, its replaced by a 3 position switch. Center (Neutral)  Left (Forward) Right (Reverse) yes it can do reverse. Let see whether any "Mat Rempit" will do "Reverse Wheelie"
The twist grip, instead of doing the butterfly valve on a normal bike, this bike do the electronics that control the electric motor. Need to find out whether its AC or DC motor, if its AC then its less maintenance but the electronics is slightly more complex.
Its a short ride, not sufficient to test the full potential of this bike. It will be price about 5k, if its really can save your fuel bills then its will be worth it. It is great if MODENAS can throw in alloy wheels with tubeless tire at that price otherwise it would be steep for some.

These are few of my main concern :

  • Its too silent, could give problem to pedestrian
  • Batteries - How much it will cost for replacement and how long will it last.
  • Three hours commuting, you need to plan your trip. No surprises.
  • Don't forget to plug it to the main, before next day commuting.

Kudos to Modenas for bringing in this bike, but its should be made available ages ago.