Sunday, 29 May 2011

Dr. Pulley Upgrade

Went over to Maju Motor Racing in Shah Alam its located at Jalan Cetak 16/3 (GPS : 3° 3'28.69"N  101°30'25.17"E) to get this Dr. Pulley slider roller for my SYM VTS 200.
I bought the 20x15 15.5g, standard fit for the SYM is 13.5g. I want better top speed RPM and not compromise on the initial acceleration.
Its an increase of about 12g as compared to stock, and for the VTS they have 13.5, 14.5, 15.5 and 16.5g.
It comes together with the Variator plate guide, and need to be replace too.  The material these slider are made off is very slippery and that suppose to increase its performance.
First step in replacement is this drive belt cover need to be removed you will need 8mm, 10mm socket and a philip head screw driver for this job.
One screw a bit obscure from sight but luckily they provide an access hole.
The screw driver for this breather ducting.
Its out and those are the tools needed, the 10mm socket need for air filter box holding bracket.
The screws, only one extra long its beside the Air filter box screw. So its easy to remember where its located.
The front drive (Variator) nut need to be removed its using 19mm socket, for this I need to use the impact drive that I just bought.
Very easy with the impact and its powered by the bike cigarette outlet.
Wrench and Variator half.
Belt part number, its still new only 1100km on clock.
Variator out, leaving only the drive shaft.
Next step to change the slider and rollers.
This is how the original roller installed below, take note of the roller face they are different. The metalic face is installed away from the pressure wall of the variator. Wrong installation will worn the roller quicker.
Dr. Pulley installation, its difficult to get it wrong. The word Dr. Pulley must be on the Variator pressure side wall.
Roller and Slider Guide in.
There you go all done.
Installation is just the reverse of removal, no big deal.

Test is for a short ride and smoother with the acceleration, will try further and update here.

GPS Screen shot, tested on circuit meter indicated 130 km/hr
Below is the screen shot of max speed once the bike is stand still.
RPM about 7.5k it cannot go any more than this, maybe due to the 15.5g, I like it this way since its ideal for long distance. Take off speed is reasonable and can't fell any compromise.

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Jalan Sentul - Motorcyclist Heaven

Jalan Sentul, Kuala Lumpur (GPS Coordinate : 3°10'28.66"N 101°41'33.98"E) is one of the busiest motorcycle workshops area in Malaysia. Many shops doing repair in this area, there are various bike undergoing repair from simple tyre change to more major overhaul.
I was there looking for few spares for my scooter, SYM VTS 200 belt priced at RM 85.00 each this is the original Japanese made Bando belt. Tools for bike repair I didn't manage to get any, due what I'm looking for are few specialise tools.
Good fun place to be for those that incline towards mechanical gizmos especially bikes. 
People from all walk of life is there, and those shops really competing with each other to get customer. 
Mopeds and scooters dominate this area, however there are bigger bikes around doing minor accessories upgrade.  
Don't know how good are their workmanship, it may be a good idea to closely monitor their job. After all its your life is at risk if anything wrong. 
There are few guys where their job is to call on potential customer. They will approach you to see what you need, and if you don't show any interest they just check on others. In all they are not bad, they don't harassed you or do anything nasty. 
Being a biker for so long, make me feel right at home in these surrounding. Its best not to rush to any particular shop once your reach there, take your time roam around get the feel of that area. Once you overcome your excitement only then you check on what ever you need.
 This guy with his scooter SYM 250i Evo just get his rear tyre changed, the old tyre Maxxis shows sign of bulging and he changed to Bridgestone Scooter tyre. Not cheap this Bridgestone RM 200+++ for the rear.
I was there for my VTS belt and few other stuff, will visit again next time.

Sate@Subang Village

Every bikers know good food is something you always make an effort to search and try out its taste. Sate is common, like Satay Kajang and especially Hj Samuri's Rest Stop Satay is aplenty all over the place. Being common do have its draw back, it loose its appeal as unique and especially fast food type of preparation makes it loose its taste.
Sate@Subang Village (GPS : 3° 8'41.62"N 101°32'12.79"E) is one satay place in Kg. Melayu Subang, already operating in that area for more years that I can remember being there.
Subang being close to the previous International Airport do have lots of things happen around it. 
After the Airport being move to Sepang known as KLIA, Subang return to be a sleepy hollow.
The number of years I stayed in Subang, makes me feel attached to this area. Many friends around and many shops that I frequent over the years.
Across the road from Sate@Subang Village is Aquarium Hooi Fatt, its another land mark of Subang New Village, the Chineese lady who own the place already there for over 30 years doing same business. She said she was still single when she started the business, now mostly her son and daughters are helping out on her business.

Friday, 27 May 2011

Japanese Delta Helmet at ENEOS

ENEOS is launching Delta Helmet from Japan, looks good and price reasonable.
This shown the flip up, they have normal full face as well, average price is about Yen 18,900 that's around RM 535.00.
Currently they are not yet for sale due to SIRIM certification not yet available. The Japanese sales person said.

This helmet looks good and I'm keen to try them out.

An Impact Must Be Made

Riding a scooter, one possible problem we will encounter is belting snap. Once this occur you are grounded, the only option is to have someone help you getting the scooter to a workshop for replacement.

If you are stranded far away from any help, it could be a nightmare. So apart from a puncture repair kit an Impact Wrench is highly recommended to be carried along just in case you need to change the belting.

Manage to get one, that 12V cigarette lighter outlet powered type and its small enough to be carry in the scooter under seat compartment.
Not many in Malaysia, I only manage to get this. A fellow biker did recommend this since he had use it for a couple of years during roadside emergency repair.
Got myself an air Pump too, just in case I need it. Those CO2 bottles is also handy since they can deliver air pressure at a burst, ideal for tyre bead seating.
These two cost me less than RM 180.00 and its handy to have. Impact wrench is also good for removing car tyre, so ladies please take note.

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

GPS Mounting Ball - Revised

It was here the initial mounting ball that I made for my RAM mount. It works but the rubber tape is a bit soft and will deform once the RAM arm is attached to it, don't look good.

Search around and I was at ACE hardware looking for impact drive the 12V type, I stumble into this item.
Its for chairs, those rubber feet. This looks ideal for replacing that rubber tape, its harder than tape and easier to replace when needed. These are sold at RM 1.50 for set of 4, its obvious chair has 4 legs.
Just peeled off those tapes and put this over, it looks good and very easy to do. The other side will be good for video cam mounting.

Friday, 20 May 2011

GPS Mounting Ball

My previous scooter had a GPS mounting made by RAM, in that installation I had to cut part of the handle bar cover to accommodate installation. On my new scooter its a bit difficult to do the same, however I'm in luck the handle bar has side mirror mounting that is not use.
What I need to do is to get RAM mount ball mount that can use this hole, after checking on ebay I found that is too expensive for such a small item. The postage is more expensive than the parts itself.

So, I decide to home made the item, firstly I need to get some bolt for the side mirror size mounting hole. Manage to find some and it very cheap.
This bolt need to be rounded and to form the mounting ball and it need to be soft to avoid damage to the RAM mounting arm. I proceed in wrapping this bolt with rubber insulation tape the type that bond itself.
Once completed I attached the ball mounting to the handle bar point.
Its good, soft enough for the RAM mount arm to attached without damaging it.
GPS need to be pull aft to ensure clearance to the bubble screen.
It looks good and no damage to the bike or the RAM arm what so ever.
I may need to renew those rubber tape as time goes, but its far cheaper than anything else.
It cost me RM 1.00 yes one ringgit, that USD 0.35 to make and now for some test ride.  BTW if its rain, I just put clear plastic bag over the GPS and it work fine.