Monday, 27 June 2011

SYM VTS 200 Engine Compartment

Overview of the SYM VTS 200 Engine Compartment.

SYM VTS 200 Coolant Check

This is a short video on how to check coolant on SYM VTS 200
Tools required : Nil

SYM VTS 200 Air Filter Replacement

This is a short video on how to change the air filter on SYM VTS 200
Tools required : Phillips Screwdriver

Sunday, 26 June 2011

SYM VTS 200 Engine Idling Speed Adjustment

This is a short video on how to adjust engine idling speed on SYM VTS 200.
Tools required : Phillips Screwdriver
Seat box must be already removed or access panel from inside the seat box remove (one screw this is the easiest)

SYM VTS 200 Seat Box Removal

A short video clip on how to remove the seat box on a SYM VTS 200.
Tools Required : 10mm Socket and Phillips Screwdriver.

SYM VTS 200 Transmission Oil Change

This is a short video clip on how to change Transmission Oil on SYM VTS 200.
Tools Required : 14mm and 10mm Spanner, Drip Tray.

SYM VTS 200 Engine Oil Change

This is a short video clip on how to do the Engine Oil Change on SYM VTS 200.
Tools Required : 17mm Spanner, Drip Tray and Funnel.

17mm screw for engine oil draining.

Saturday, 25 June 2011

SYM VTS 200 Belt Replacement

Replacement of belt on this SYM Scooter is not difficult to do, what needed are basic tools and some technical know how.

Some Photos on the steps.

First disconnect the air hose from the cover front.
 Remove 9 - 8mm Screw for belt cover and 1 - 10mm screw for the air box mount.
 These are the screws, the longer screw located near the air box screw.
Before re installation, don forget the two locator pin.
At the location as below.
 Installation is reverse of removal.

This link here is on the Dr. Pulley slider replacement and can be use as a guide on what tools are required, following is a short video clip that I did on belt replacement.

Monday, 13 June 2011

SMOGgers Yik Mun Pau ~ Kalumpang Ride

Building stamina for Hatyai ride after such a long break from riding, we did a short ride to Tg Malim and Kalumpang. Tg Malim, home for Yik Mun Pau.. so what else Pau is it. Then we head to Kalumpang where refreshing stream awaits.

Started at 10 am from Sg Buluh R&R heading North, small talk while waiting the rest of SMOGgers to turn up.
Reach Yik Mun after one hour ride, we use the old KL - IPOH trunk road, and average speed about 80 km/hr
After that, its mandi time at Kalumpang (3°38'45.15"N 101°35'26.32"E)  a short ride from Tg Malim.
Getting ready for the dip.
Its a good place to take the family, nice refreshing cool water.
Its a good couple of hours in the water before we decide to make it back.
Kalumpang to KL we use the tol highway, inlet at Lembah Beringin via Kerling, its a back road without sign to guide. We made it to R&R Sg Buluh after another 40 minutes ride, traffic is heavy due today is the last day of the school holiday.
These are few bikers at the R&R and below are Cheras UMNO Youth having a great time from somewhere up north.
Its a short ride, but great time doing what we like most.

BTW all these photos are taken with Samsung Galaxy Ace, I left behind my SLR camera due its not suitable for lugging around on a bike trip. The Galaxy Ace do well on this occasion and its more convenient too.

Monday, 6 June 2011

SMOGgers Rembau Ride

SMOG stand for SBM syM Owner Group, its few of us who own SYM Bike having some common interest and ride to places that we feel interesting.

This ride is to Rembau, on a friend invitation. Actually we don't need reason to ride, this is just an excuse. The RV point is Caltex located at USJ Layby on ELITE highway, at 10:00 am all are ready and off we go.
Pak Uda, Myself, Zagmariner and Ajaxin ready for the road.
After about 20 minutes ride we reaches Shell Kota Warisan, and there idrusk joint us, and a fellow biker ZackFz1 is keen below on testing the SYM VTS 200.
We are so use to fast bike, scooter is another challenge to undertake, on a fast bike normally we travel the highway and before you know it you are there. On a scooter we took the old road, long and winding road full of cow and goats.
Our first stop is Cendol Leman Dawi (N2 39.744 E102 00.322) in Seremban, the famous cendol that everyone should try.
Its a good refreshing quencher after 1 hour ride from our last RV point in Kota Warisan.
The guys enjoying themselves on chendol.
Leman Dawi is an Ex-Serviceman and very friendly, never stop entertain his customers. Another 20 minutes ride we reaches our destination.
Lunch at Ghaz's another biker happen to be staying in that area. They has a thanksgiving lunch for their mother who is 70 today, may she leads a happy life.
You can't separate bikers and food, that shows in this picture above.
After meal where else, we head to Jeram Papan (2°36'4.06"N 102°10'47.00"E)
and this is a good one, with rapids and clear water flowing everywhere.
Peaceful and serene, not many people around.
Above Ajaxin trying his "see me slide" kinda stunt.
Zagmariner above, is he actually a mariner.. look scared of water.. he is a mariner.. that's funny.
Trying to persuade ZackFz1 to get a SYM.
All set, ready to go.. took another 2 hours slow ride back, using the old road.

Short video of the ride above, courtesy of Ghaz.

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Sengkek Bikerz - Revisited

Its been more than 3 years since I last do major repair on bike. There are occasional friends who drop in on me to check out their Beemer. Most of my tools are kept away in storeroom or under the stairs, bought this multi drawer tool cabinet for keeping all my tools and this give me more room to get new ones.
ACE Hardware is an American Hardware Retail Chains and their cabinet is made to high specification, there are others obscure brand but surprisingly cost more. This one is a little under RM 900.00
Time to get out the cheque and get myself few more serious tools.

Cendol Subang

Located near Mah Sing, Subang this cendol is a road side stall. Doing their business for few years already. I frequented this place quite often, not to say out of the ordinary, its just a matter of convenience that I normally be there.
Nowadays its no longer Mamak manned the stall, they hired Indonesian to do the selling.
Close by there are shop lots and Apartment houses, so there must be many people staying around this place.
The roads is wide in front, and many speeding vehicle can be seen.
This guy is just out of luck, get stop by the Police while riding without a helmet.