Sunday, 18 December 2011

You think you know.. Phone user who are they ?

It goes without saying hand phones are getting smarter, well at least we think they are smarter. Actually how smart a phones is all depends on the person that's using it.

I read somewhere, its says,
  1. Androids phones for people that know about smart phones
  2. Apple iphones for people that want to show that they know about smart phones.
  3. Window phones for people that think they know about smart phones.
  4. Blackberry phones for people that don't know what is a smart phones.
  5. Symbian phones for people that forgotten what is a smart phones.
Why the above.
  1. Androids is open source and free, there are many manufacturer making it and user can be confused by selections. It needs some knowledge and that why you must know what is a smart phones.
  2. Apple iphone, its expensive. A cheaper phones like Androids can do what it can and at times better. So since its expensive the user just wanted to be known that he's/she's in the techs world and using a "great" phones.
  3. Window phone, this was a flop until the Window Phone 7 recently release. These user was so comfortable with Microsoft's Windows until they think that is what a smart phone should be.
  4. Blackberry was great for its security features and specialised email services, but that if you subscribe to its service. Most email client can do if you are not James Bond that require a special phone line and probably he won't use Blackberry either for his secure connection. Most user don't need this specialise service, so they don't know what it's all about. So they don't know what is a smart phones.
  5. Symbian phones, what can I say. It has been shelved by Nokia so, these are for people that forgotten what is a smart phones.
Saja suka.. suka

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Ulu Yam ~ Genting Highland ACT20 Bullet Cam.

Have a go at Sg Tua, Batang Kali, Ulu Yam to Genting Highland back route. This video is from Ulu Yam to Genting Highland.

Sg Tua Road video below.

Video will get better once youtube finished processing it.

Saturday, 3 December 2011

Adjusting Horizontal on Bullet Camera

How do you adjust and get the right horizontal on bullet camera. Well the ACT20 don't have a screen. What I did was review it video playback while pointing at something horizontal. In my case I use my house grill and once obtained I'll mark on the clamp with reference to camera body for future mounting.
Above photo shows already mark once alignment correct. I use the camera indicator LED for reference point and mark on clamp where they should align to. This mount already good.. its vibration is minimal, I'll post ride video to Genting with this camera on this mounting.