Sunday, 8 January 2012

Jeram Papan Revisited

On 7th Jan 2012 we did Jeram Papan (N2 36.081 E102 10.782) again.
Its situated in Rembau, Negeri Sembilan Area and a short trip visiting our friend Ghazali Ramli and then going back via Pedas for some Daging Salai (Smoked Meat)
Cendol Leman Dawi (N2 39.744 E102 00.322) is a mandatory stop enroute south and here's a photo of that legendary guy with his WikiPakDia Reference.
 At Ghazali's Place for rambutan
 Daging Salai of Pedas (N2 37.149 E102 03.540)

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Routine Maintenance - Belt Change

At slightly above 13000 km this minor maintenance needs to be done. Its more of a preventive maintenance than anything else, these bike can go without much maintenance with no problem. On my previous scooter I did only do an oil change after 1 year and its still no problem.
However this particular scooter the SYM VTS 200 I regularly travel far and alone, so it needs some extra care to avoid unnecessary inconveniences to myself or other rider. So I decide today to replace the belt, check the clutch, variator and air filter. Coolant also need to be top up, plain distilled water will do since exfactory, the coolant concentration is beyond what's needed in my locality.
Removes the belt housing cover and clean interior with a brush and a vacuum cleaner to see whether any leakage in the main oil seal and the rear drive seal.
Gutted out that's all in a scooter drive.
Variator, those Dr Puller need close visual inspection, cleaned and lightly repack with high temp grease on the bushing.
Clutch shoe inspect for wear, this one is has many more miles to go and a simple cleaning with visual inspection of those springs is recommended.
Above the wear indicator, once you can't see the chamfered part its time to replace.
Check belt, I normally check the inside. The outside always looks very good, just slightly flex the belt all around and see whether there are any crack that looks like below.
Above crack is still minor, its present at few places. The workshop normally will over flex the belt and show you this crack. The whole idea is just to scare you into replacing the belt, its norm for belt to have this. These crack needs to be monitored, over time they propagate into something bigger and eventually will cause damage to belt and snap.
New belt should look like above, its impossible to have an in service belt to look like this. The one I replace should last to about another 5,000km, I am keeping it as spare.

Ok, I need to put everything back together.

Hey where's my Apprentice gone.

Few parts needed to clean and check for condition after which install. Its a straight forward job with only few points need to be aware off.
Above Dr Pulley is 15.5g, they needs checking for rough edges, flat spots and condition. Once cleaned they are ready to go. This roller don't need any grease to work.
Ensure above and below shaft and spline not damaged and lightly coat with high temperature grease.
Check variator surface for roughness, make sure its clean and grease free before installation.
Variator bushing cleaned and greased on the inside, with light coating on the outside.
These variator and its face plate clean.
 These 3 Dr Pulley spacer check and cleaned.
Clutch bell below, inspect sign of damage, that discolouration is normal due to high temperature operation. Lightly grease the spline.
Once all roller installed to variator, prior to installation belt should be pre-installed to Clutch by depressing the spring as much as possible, I use my leg to give it extra tension. This will ensure belt seat nicely prior variator installation.
Install the clutch, don't need to put the nut yet, Install the variator and face plate and ensure that the drive shaft spline protrude sufficiently.
That spline is important for this kick start pawl, if spline not sufficient damage to shaft can occur. Sometime when I watch the workshop do it, they don't pay particular attention to this. They rely on force of impact driver to seat everything. Its best to be able to do it by hand.
Below the pawl installed and spline engaged nicely and you can install the washer and nut and then use impact to tighten. Its best to take note how many thread shows after the nut prior to removal, this gives you a rough indication after installation the nut sit right.
 Rear end, clutch is straight forward installation.
 Install the bell and tighten the nut.
Its done, this belt is exact part number and original from SYM, however I felt its a bit longer than original installed. There is a belt tapping sound indicating belt touching the casing on idle. 
I need to monitor this tapping sound, it could be just because the belt is new. On visual inspection belt looks identical with same part number on both removed and installed.

The Apprentice