Sunday, 22 April 2012

Air Nira - Revisited

Went to Seberang Perak for Air Nira, its about 150 km from where I stayed.
Use coastal back road from Kuala selangor towards Teluk Batik and make a left turn towards Setiawan to be on the Seberang Perak area.
Following are general photos for record.

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Pasar Road KL

Pasar Road oh Pasar Road visited Pasar Road earlier today for some electronics stuff.

Apparently they sells more than electronics stuff.
Riding Shoes.

Friday, 20 April 2012

Tank Protector and Drink Holder

Cost me RM 10.00 from ebay.
Drink holder about RM 15.00 from ebay, that GPS need a redo to above the clock.

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Rear Turn Indicator Redo

Its Fugly what Givi did to my rear indicator, just had to redo it.
So armed with a screwdriver and few wrenches I had to redo the damage.
The difference above and below showing just enough for the indicator with V35 box and brackets.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Givi V35

Installed the Givi V35 Pannier at Givi Point Jalan Ipoh. KL since its the cheapest and able to hold one full face helmet. 
This is the Trekker series, a bit expensive for my needs.
Following are photos of the retrofit.

I don't like how the rear turn indicator is mounted, need to redo.

Monday, 16 April 2012

LEDs and Connector

Ordered few more LEDs and Bullet connector from ebay for my running light project. This time the LED are not pre-wired, and I try to mount it on the reflector and soldered on those resistor and termination.
Bullet connectors important for a professional look when ever electrical termination is needed. This set of male and female just nice to do the job and they only cost about RM 0.25 a set.
Now I have to wait for it to arrive.
LED Pin Out diagram.

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Running Lights - On the Versys 2012

Lights is to make sure people or road user able to see or be seen.. On bike one of the first thing most owner do is to install running light. There are many after market kit to do this but I choose to do it myself at a much lower cost.
So I purchased few needed parts, like super bright Amber LED, wire clip and lugs to connect them all up.
What I wanted to do is to put 2 led in each of the Versys original signal light and wire it up from the front City Light and the rear Number Plate light.
What I did was to drill two 5mm hole for the LED and insert LED then put some adhesive to hold it in place.
Its already a tight fit so, it will be fine even without any adhesive applied.
The back look like above, not much room in the original housing. Those red and black wires are from the LED which comes pre-wired with resistor already installed for 12V operation.
Both negative leads of the LED (Black)  I soldered to the signal return, in this case the Black/Yellow wire and the Positive wires (Red) I soldered to another wire and pull through the signal wires conduit making it an almost original look.
A quick test before I assemble everything back and it works.
Fully assembled awaiting to be install to my Versys. That Red wire is the additional line going to the LED. The lug I use was wrong in this picture, I change to a male connector since it that way as standard installation and a bullet connector is a much better option. It can be easily replace later on if needed.
Tapping for front I took from the City Light, that small light on top of the head lamp. Tapping done by using a quick crimp which make splicing a breeze.
Done and now another three to go, I'll take a night time shot to update I hope it will be bright enough for night riding use.
This modification or retrofit job can be done to all bike not limited to versys only. The work should be the same.
Night Test
Now the rear end. Work on turn signal assembly is same as front except I put 3 LED each instead of 2, I'll need to add more later on but I have to order more from ebay.
 Tail/Brake light and Number Plate light connector. I tapped power for LED from this connector with a quick splice.
  Turn signal connectors, disconnect here and carefully route it out the bottom of rear end.
 Fender below with all lights attached and work on assemble is same.
Rear Tapping and wiring after done.
Below how its looks like after all done.
That's it all complete.

Friday, 13 April 2012

GIVI on the Versys 2010 onwards

Givi made a quick release side pannier mounting for  Versys 2010 onward as compare to a fix mount for the older Versys. Hence for 2010 models the bracket cost a bit more.
New German regulation requires that you cannot have anything stick out from original bike design by more that 25mm hence the requirement of those bracket to be easily detachable.
Above diagram shows what needed for Versys 2010 if you decide to get Givi boxes.

Thursday, 12 April 2012

SMOGging Landak

Restoren Selera Rimba (N3 42.527 E101 10.456) is a favourite exotic food eatery among us biker and local alike situated in remote part of Selangor State of the Malay Peninsular.
On 11th April 2012 we mada a trip there and later for a quick dip in Sg Bil Recreational area (N3 49.020 E101 30.000). Following photos are taken during this trip.
Some of the guys upon reaching the place.
Assortment of bikes

These three dishes below : Wild fowl, Venison and Porcupine meat, price at RM 100.00 for this lot with rice and lemonade. 
Make sure you budget at least RM30.00 per head, and take away will set you back RM 60.00 per dish.. some of us just found that out the hard way.. :))
Bernam River below, the place is neglected with much of its former glory gone.
Few dingy mooring at the makeshift dock.
"Musang langgar anjing", between Selera Rimba and Sungai Bil a dog just decided to goes head on with an Er6F, its obvious dog lost but still manage to do some damage.
Did a quick repair to ensure bike rideable at Sungai Bil Recreational Area. Its not easy when all your tools looks like a hammer.
As usual after a meal a lazy dip to cool off