Monday, 25 June 2012


This is a nice Horns for a bike, should be loud and clear.
 Its a Hella horns, wonder how much these trumpets cost.

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Hugger for my Versys

Today's project - Fitting New Rear Hugger on my Versys 650.
This tiny bikini Chain Guard below will be replace with a bigger full size cover above.
There are three mounting screws for the new Hugger, this Bikini Guard has two. On new Hugger 3 holes need to be drilled,
and a cutout made for rear brake lines bracket below. This cutout need to be done carefully to avoid damaging this Hugger.
Installed the Right side. Brake line bracket not altered. I have seen some installation where this bracket was bend to fit.
Left side. On forward front there are no mounting screw holes on this bike. It made the forward end lift up a bit. On some installation the would use cable tie to hold after making a hole on the front part of the Hugger. I may need to do this later.
Need to get a screw, I use the two original screws and the third screw was from another project.

I drilled the left mounting slightly aft of the recommended mark, this to ensure hugger has adequate clearance and to centre it. If I use the mark area, Hugger will be a little off-centred.

It's an hour job with minimal tool, for drilling those holes I would recommend a Tile drill bit.

Friday, 15 June 2012

Shahrizan Abd Hamid - Al Fatihah

Tribute to a good friend that we lost Shahrizan Bin Abdul Hamid on Friday 8:00 am 15 June 2012. Just photos for memories of a wonderful person.