Monday, 14 January 2013

Friday, 11 January 2013

Friday morning Fatality

Earlier today a Kawasaki Versys involved with an accident with a car making a sudden U Turn without looking.
 Father sending his kid to school, the kid had a crush arm and father died on the spot.
 This is sad to see, a car making an illegal U Turn has cost a life lost.
 Apart from the U Turn, the damage shown here is extensive. This is a sign of high speed.
As a biker myself, while taking your kid on a bike do you ride this fast. Pity the kid who is in critical condition, can this be avoided.. possibly if the speed involved is less.
Above photo shown the decease in red circle, his name is Azhar from Puchong Bikers Group.

Photos courtesy of Superbikers Malaysia Forum 

Monday, 7 January 2013

Another life lost - for what ?

Another biker down yesterday evening 6th January 2013 nick name Kerol Tulang.

It happened near Subang exit on the Federal toward Kuala Lumpur., don't have exact report of what happened

Very young.

Poor kid he hit this divider at night and yesterday there was no signage or any warning lamp fitted. Miraculously today there are three lamps. Those responsible for not displaying these warning sign or lighting must be held accountable. See those marks, that shows how many vehicle has hit it, and I frequent this stretch and I know its dark and confusing if there are no warning sign.

Its very sad to see a young kid has to pay with his life for this.

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Superbike is not a toy - It's sad to see this happened

A youth was killed when he rode his dad's Honda CBR 1000 Superbike. This happened in Penang, an Island north of the Peninsular. News report with photos of bike and deceased shown below.

 It's sad to see something like this happened, regardless of age. Can it be avoided you may ask ? Well sometimes we say it fated. However fate can be change if we work to avoid it. There are many other similar cases where bikers got killed on the road, with many more sustained injuries.

In above case, this boy just got his bike licence two weeks before, I assumed its the B Full licence (No limit) since he's riding a 1000 cc bike. This boy was to be trained as a racer and I am sure the parents has enrolled him in proper sportsbike school to ensure he able to take the track.

Speaking about racer and track, yes you may be trained to be a professional racer however on the road there are just too many uncertainties and should not be taken as a race track.

Judging from damaged sustained on the bike this must be a high speed mishap. The news report says that the bike rear ended a car after loosing control. Looking at the damage where none significant in the front and with a broken rear rim shows a high side has happened and the rider could have been flung forward when this happened.

A high side can happened even on a straight, if too much rear brake being applied. If its a skid with more front than rear then the frontal part of the bike will suffer most. Without eye witness report we will never know the truth.

I am sure the parents will feel pressured after what happen and we can't runaway from the fact that as parent we do has to be responsible for our children action. It's unfortunate that a young person died, but in this scenario speeding in the city is just not such a good idea no matter how fully trained you are.

There are many bikers in Malaysia after obtaining a big bike licence, straight away jump onto a Superbike class of a bike. This being dangerous since rider experience is very crucial in avoiding accident.

I wish the Malaysian Government take necessary action to ensure safety by limiting the size of bike just like in United States, United Kingdom and most of European Countries.

After riding for more that 30 years, I had seen so many fatality with Superbikes and high statistic shown new riders. Some are not young but old new riders or those born again rider.

There is an incident a born again bikers was killed 2nd day after receiving his BMW C600 Sport Scooter. There are also cases where a rider killed on a newly purchased Yamaha R1, which highlighted in this blog couple of years back.

What ever it is, the Government must step in to limit or restrict bike capacity for new riders. This is to ensure general safety and ensure rider build up their skill and confidence as they progress.

Friday, 4 January 2013

SYM VS 150 Unschedule Maintenance

Its difficult to crank lately this bike, almost like a weak battery. This bike is new about 1 month old with slightly about 1k on the clock it cannot be a bad battery. Weak battery possibly and why its happen.

Few possibilities;
  1. Faulty Rectifier
  2. Insufficient ride
  3. Bad wiring and connections.
Open up the battery cover and do a quick check, sure enough a bad wiring connection on the Negative terminal. Retighten her up and good to go, check charging current about 14V so the rectifier is good. Just need to ride around for a while to ensure enough juice into the battery.

While at it, decide to check few items out to ensure no problem with it. Not much problem found the fuel hose to carburetor not clip properly. Its clipped out of the carburetor inlet head.

Key fitting also giving some rattle, its a bit loose. So off come the front and this key fitting need to be tighten.

Few components I just want to highlight on this SYM VS 150 or Excel II, photos below will illustrate it.

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

A Pair of KLX

Met this two guys Joe and Ida, well actually a guy and a girl on their KLX150 Kawasakies at RnR Gombak. They are heading back from Genting Highland to Serdang on this beautiful day.

Having a fun time riding in the twisties and back since today is 1st of January 2013 everyone in a joyful mood.

This 150 Kawasakies is a nice little bike to ride, and they are more for off-road then doing the tarmac. Reasonable priced and good for new bikers starting out, this bike handle easier than like the D-Treker 150 or the 250 which are tall bike. This 150 is small in size and easier to handle.