Monday, 1 April 2013

GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition

After many camera use for bike riding decided to take the plunge for this camera the GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition. It a lot of camera for the size and this Hero 3 comes with wifi as standard with White, Silver and Black variant.

Price at RM 1499.00 this Black Edition is currently top of the line for GoPro Hero 3, 12 MP still and able to do 14K video that is cinema quality and many more features that fit for professional.

Came with bundle of joy, assortments of fittings to satisfy every imagination you may have as long as its video angle we are talking about.

Camera weight by itself is very light, even with the tiny batteries it hardly feel anything. Outer casing which makes it water proof is very sturdy and make of clear plastic. This casing is tough and feel solid, all part that come with this camera has that expensive feel.

Various other mount available from GoPro online, ebay and local supliers but be prepared to pay a whooper for it. Thank good many made in china mount and fittings are available from ebay and at very reasonable price.

I had tested this camera and the video is superb, however on my last try its a bit shaky due location of mounting on my scooter is not that good. Need to make another and post again.

12 mp camera is not that good, this is a video cam first and camera second. It lack a view finder so, no point to use this a point and shoot. It on a darker side and due to wide angle view of this camera fish eye effect is apparent.

Above sample of image from this camera its at its standard setting, no adjustment done to it, below photo is taken with Samsung Galaxy Note I as comparison. Better stick to its action video taking capability, that its what its good for.

Able to do burst mode at 30 frame per second or less and can do time lapse photography as needed. Many other features are available for endless usage of this camera.

In all, this camera is a sports oriented action camera device, it cannot be compared to camera like Lumix from panasonic for its picture quality but its is more for a camera that use to be mounted on vehicle, body or any where other camera fail to mount.

I made a video, with this camera mounted on the Beemer C600 Sport windshield, unfortunately this location is not that suitable due to the windscreen vibration.

Quick video of the ride below, will make few more video and compare the result.