Sunday, 23 October 2016

R1200GS Adv 2016 Radiator Guard Installation

Installing a chinese made radiator guard for my GSA 2016.

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Friday, 21 October 2016

Superman di LPT

All work make Jack a dull boy. Youth having fun. Met him at rest stop, he's going to Temerloh with a group of guys.

That's Yamaha 125Z, last of the 2 Stroker.

These guys, never hurt anyone, well maybe it a bit dangerous for him.

Boys will be boys.

Huawei Honor 8 - Cinema FV5 - Cyberlink Power Director - Blogaway Pro.

Sunday, 2 October 2016

Huawei Honor 8 and P9 Plus Limited Edition

Surprising good phones, coming from Galaxy and the Sony Z lines all I can say these phones is excellent.

Honor 8 on left and P9+ Limited both phones comes with 4GB Ram and 64 GB internal memory expendable to the max of 128GB

The Honor has dual rear cam, same as P9 except without the Leica tag.

Honor is cheaper by almost RM500 but pack the same punch.

These phones will use the external memory for storage unlike Samsung that has made it almost impossible.

Sunday, 7 August 2016

Short Rider Handling Part 4 - Commuting

Daily commuting in traffic on a R1200GS Adventure with full pannier fitted.

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Sunday, 5 June 2016

Simple Preview of the R1200 GSA LC Standard

A short  video preview.

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BMW R1200 GS Adventure - Fresh from the oven.

Pick up my new R1200 GS Adventure Standard from Auto Bavaria Glenmarie on 7th May 2016 after about 1 month of waiting. Sold my C600 Sport Scooter after three and a half years of using it.

Finally I'm back on full bike, the Scooter was bought in 2012 for commuting, however after using it for a few days realize that as a scooter it is too heavy for daily commute and ended purchasing another smaller scooter for that. 

The BMW C600 Sport is 250 Kilograms in weight, heavier that an R1200 GS, this new GSA is slightly more weight that it.

Back to the GSA, pick it up from the showroom, after arriving from my outstation trip, the bike was there for few days waiting for my pick up.

The side pannier was nil stock, so ended with the top box during delivery. Took another 2 weeks for the side cases to be made available.

Few of my riding buddies, drop by and we stop by the nearest mamak shop at the back of the closed Victory Motorcycle showroom.

LED Headlights, and all the whistle that comes with it.

Intimidating at first due to its large size and heavier weight.

Lots of training needed to get use to and as usual new gears needed as an excuse.

That's the only thing Auto Bavaria gave, no helmet or jacket.. as usual. This is the second BMW Bike I bought from them.

Forced myself to commute on it, to make sure I can handle it in heavy traffic, initially with no side panniers.

Once the pannier available I use it all the time, otherwise you will never get use to it. The handle bars is 36" wide and panniers 39" fro end to end. So it's about 1.5 inches extra from the handle bars each side.

That is, for starters... been riding it for 1 month now and still a lot to get use to.

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Short Ride by U.O.M.O

Nothing special, just riding back from a breakfast ride in Port Dickson.

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